We provide SMS printer for takeaway and the main advantages:

1) Transmit order by GPRS or SMS mode.
2)Power supply: power adapter or battery. When the power is off, the user can print orders by battery supplying.
3) Order printer: print order automatically or manually.
4) The user can accept or reject order. If accepted, it can be set delivery time. Else it can set rejected reason.
5) When the new order coming, alarm music will sound and the screen will flash.
6) SMS Printer can send confirmed message to server (web)
7) Standalone device, no need to connect to PC
8) 128*64 LCD Display, 24 keys, menu operation interface, easy operation

Takeaway could receive orders from our printer and we also provide continous support for this printer. After purchase, we will always stay an eye updates on your takeaway.